Empowering Teachers Improving Learning

Teachers360 will provide a one stop platform that will both empower/ incentivize teachers and make them more accountable, thereby unleashing their potential for improving learning outcomes.

Most programs aimed at teachers are ‘teacher improvement’ programs. While there is substantial evidence, few (if any) programs focus on directly alleviating the problems faced by teachers. The proposed Teachers360 empowers teachers by offering an online platform to help them to (a) provide constructive feedback (anonymously) to head teachers on improving the teaching and learning in their schools (evidence suggests they rarely provide direct feedback due to fear of the consequence of such reporting), (b) make simple requests that would help to ease the personal and teaching challenges they face (evidence suggests schools rarely have mechanisms for such requests), and (c) benchmark themselves against other teachers (evidence suggests they learn significantly from peers and master-peers but no such mechanisms exists in most developing or even developed countries). The benchmarking system will be designed as a game that teachers can engage with other teachers online.

New forms of training (including online training and coaching) usually becomes added burden for teachers and demand is typically low. What is required is a technology platform that addresses the core issues faced by teachers to empower them and unleash their potential for improving learning outcomes. In fact, such a platform would help to increase the demand for and use of training and re-skilling programs already being offered. Overall, national education systems in these countries (and elsewhere) have remained supply-driven with teachers being fed information. Teachers360 will turn the table and provide an incentivized ecosystem in which they are fully and proactively engaged. Evidence suggests that improving teacher incentives and accountability improves learning outcomes. For example, the feedback system envisioned in Teachers360 will include a ticketing system that highlights feedback from teachers (anonymized) as well as resolutions, which will be made available on open dashboards, helping to build accountability. Piloting in two countries will help engender a healthy competition in addressing the issues raised by teachers.

This is a partnership proposal between the Institute for Integrated Development Systems (Nepal) and Rasello.com (Tanzania, and Nepal). We are currently seeking interested institutions and individuals to collaborate with us in this important initiative. Kindly contact us here is you are interested.