Global Citizenship

Exploring innovative approaches in education to address emerging global issues

Most education discourse in Nepal, as elsewhere, has been primarily limited to the practicalities of basic service delivery issues, and there has been little discussion on the role of education in building global citizens who are socially responsible, and who can help to address new and emerging issues related to climate change, urbanization, fiscal responsibility, and social cohesion and tolerance.

It is critical to review and assess the broad role of education in improving fiscal responsibility, accountability, and cost-effectiveness.  There is a need to continuously evaluate the value generated by investments made in the sector; as well as develop new curriculum and methods to teach students issues related to fiscal responsibility and ethical behavior. Given the consensus in the international scientific community on climate change and given the region’s fragile Himalayan environment it is critical to review the role of education in addressing this urgent issue, as is the need to explore linkages with urban issues, and those related to economic stabilization, and social cohesion and tolerance.  Addressing these challenges will require that education is re-modeled, and re-choreographed in innovative ways in order for it to contribute in producing leaders who can take on the challenge of tackling these complex issues effectively. CHDI will spearhead these explorations, research and/ or evaluations to help transform the educational processes to produce wider impact in society.