Report: Empowering adolescent girls in rural Nepal

Ganga Gautam | Friday, December 2, 2016


The Center for Human Development and Innovation (CHDI) provides a platform to bring together theory and practice, research and application, and partnerships between practitioners and academia to help address the most complex education, training and human development challenges facing Nepal and the South Asia region. CHDI is a part of the Institute for Integrated Development Studies.

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Basic Services

Improving service delivery at all levels of education by ensuring adequate and sustained resources; improving transparency and accountability...

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ECD and Social Protection

Improving the care and education of young children; ensuring support to strengthen families...

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Youth Skills and Employability

Among those in the work force in Nepal, nearly half have never attended school...

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Higher Education and R&D

Improving higher education teaching and learning, developing R&D and application of innovations...

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Our Values

The CHDI’s core values include democracy and social justice; evidence based policy making; civic engagement and dialogue; and open and transparent communication and decision making.  CHDI will operate with an open ended, non-ideological, pragmatic perspective in all its analysis and decisions.  

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